Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I'm always SO glad to receive pics from happy clients and to see where my artworks has found a new home !!! ✈ Thank you so much, again Mandy!!! Looks great in your new kitchen and I'm so glad that you are happy and satisfied!!! ☺
My "Star Dust" just arrived in Jessie's home in Finland and will fit perfectly over their kitchen table! ✈ Many thanks again, Jessie!!! Thanks a lot, for the photo and the wonderful words!! Deeply appreciate it! ☺
My "Turquoise Dreaming" photographed here in a gorgeous setting, styling by Stefanie! Looks just as good as I imagined! Thanks a lot, Stefanie! I'm so glad you are happy and satisfied!!! Best Greetings to Netherlands from Greece!☺

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy Easter! Happy 1st May! Happy New Month!

Happy Easter to all Orthodox part of the world! Happy 1st May!!! Happy new month everybody!!! Wish you all health, love, happiness and many sunny smiles!!! Be blessed!!!
May 1st,...Easter..., 25°🌞 outside, the people are on the beach, in the taverns, celebrate....but work is work and commitments are commitments!...These beauties are waiting to be ship as soon is possible to the other part of the world ! ✈ A Huge THANK YOU to all my lovely artlovers and artcollectors for the endless love and support !!! Deeply appreciate it!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

''Five Outstanding Artists You Will Love'' is the New blog post of fellow artist Tina A Stoffel Arts! ''During the past few years, I've been blessed with the opportunity to network with some wonderful artists. Although I have seen much talent,there are a few that stand out so much that I wanted to share some of them and their work with you.'' Thank you SO much, Tina!!! ♥ You did a great job!!! Deeply appreciate it!!! Have a lovely and relaxing Sunday everybody!!!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy First April!

Sending some of my last orders for amazing previous month to Colorado and England !!! ✈ Thank so much to all my customers and artlovers for your love and support!!! Deeply appreciate it!!! Happy New Month!!!Happy First April!!! Hope will be productive, fantastic, sunny and healthy new month!!!☺

Saturday, March 26, 2016

My artworks off to California, The Nederlands, UK...

Before couple of days, I sent these beauties to California! Many thanks to all my customers and artlovers from Foster City, Bay Point and Simi Valley!!! Deeply appreciate it!!!
My "Obsessive Dreams" and my "Endless Passion" ready to be stretched!
...and they are already stretched (Ready to hang)!!! Different sizes of these prints on canvas of my original abstract paintings "Obsessive Dreams" and "Endless Passion" are available here:
Stretching of "Turquoise Dreaming"!One Spa Salon in Kansas City and two new homes in The Nederlands and United States are waiting for their turquoise art on their wall!!! ✈ Thank you so much, again Tracy, Stefanie and Deborah!!! Deeply appreciate it!!!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Before ship them to their new home!

A typical International Women's Day for a female Artist!:)
More of my Originalart and Prints on canvas can be found here:
My beauties are off to their newhomes at Ireland, IN and TX, USA!!! ✈
"The Wall of Mystery"
My Minimalist Abstract Painting "Starry Night" ready to be shipped to its new home in london, United Kingdom!!! 💞
Thanks a lot to my wonderful artcollectors from CA, NJ and MN, USA!!! Hope you enjoy my creations!!!
Off to TX and NJ, USA! ✈

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

''Together Forever'' Original Sculture Mixedmedia Contemporary Abstract Painting

"Together Forever" - my Original Sculture Mixedmedia Contemporary Abstract Painting that my repeat Artcollector from Australia purchased from artfinder. Many thanks, again Vinay!!! Deeply appreciate it!!! More Original paintings here: