Friday, August 14, 2015

Seascape‬ Abstract "Melody of the Sea"

Happy me, ‪‎happy‬ ‪clients‬, too! :) ...I woke up with new ‪‎order‬ and I will go to bed with another one! :) I'm glad that my ‪minimalist‬ ‪‎abstract‬ ‪painting‬ "Morning Silence" and my ‪seascape‬ "Melody of the Sea", found ‪new‬ ‪homes‬ in ‪‎NC‬ and ‪VA‬, ‪‎USA‬! ....Seems will be ‪‎busy‬ ‪weekend‬, again! :) More abstract paintings and minimalist prints on canvas here.

Minimalist Painting, White Abstract Art "Morning Silence"

Although my mobile phone was switched off at the night and Ι couldn't hear the sound of "Cha-Ching" (when I have a sale :) )..., I'm happy to wake up with new order and read wonderful words from someone, who can't wait to get his painting! Many thanks to the buyer from NC, USA! I will keep painting and I will continue make other people happy! :) Prints are available here:

Monday, July 27, 2015

''Burning Sensation'' - Abstract Painting

Thanks a lot Paul F. Lenzi for the future and the wonderful poem under my abstract painting in your blog ''Poesy Plus Polemics'' So many wonderful comments compliment my "Burning Sensation"
- "Wonderful poem, the flames consume what they love…" - " Beautiful art – and nice poetry smile emoticon " - "Love song triumphant" - "... the best thing I’ve read of late here on WP and away from here" - " Evocative poem, great lines! - "Inspirational one" - "Amazing." - "You warm me all over." - " Great image. And the words are up to the task Illuminating an insight, a mental rendering. Marvelous." -" a force that is difficult t control" ...... The Prints of my SOLD Abstract Painting ''Burning Sensation'' are available in my Etsy Store:

Monday, June 8, 2015


Enjoying my ‪‎morning‬ ‪coffee‬, I'm so pleased to see my ‪name‬ ‪‎featured‬ as ‪ARTIST‬ OF THE ‪‎WEEK‬ in ‪Artfinder‬ - a site with more than 6200 artists from 96 countries from around the world! !!! :) What a wonderful start of the week!!! Happy ‪new‬ week to all of you!!! :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Wow! Only 2 days after I opened my second ‪‎shop‬ in Artfinder, I'm from the MOST ‪‎FOLLOWED‬ ‪ARTISTS‬ RIGHT NOW!!! Good ‪‎luck‬ to my ‪‎minimalist‬ and ‪landscapes‬ ‪#‎photographs‬!!! :) Love ‪artfinder‬!
I'm still one of the MOST ‪FOLLOWED‬ ‪ARTISTS‬ RIGHT NOW in ‪Artfinder‬ with more than 100 ‪followers‬ for only 3 days!!!....I just wish to have time to upload more ‪‎works‬:)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My ‪‎feature‬ with my ‪huge‬ ‪Mixed Media‬ ‪painting‬ '' ‪Future‬ ‪Developments‬ '' in the ‪Catalogue‬ of the ‪‎First‬ ‪World Art Dubai‬ , who took ‪place‬ in ‪Dubai World Trade Centre‬ (‪‎DWTC‬), ‪Dubai‬, ‪UAE‬ from 8th-11th ‪Apr‬ '2015
Advertisements‬, ‪art‬ ‪flyers‬ and ‪‎tickets‬ for ‎World Art Dubai‬ '2015 (‪DWTC‬, ‪‎Dubai‬, ‪‎UAE‬)
My updated ‪art‬ ‪flyers‬ for ‪‎WorldArtDubai‬ '2015 I will need ‪new‬ ‪update‬ for my ‪‎next‬ ‪‎exhibition‬, as the most ‪‎paintings‬ on them are not ‪Available‬ anymore. :)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

''The Future City'' - My Contemporary Abstract Mixed-Media Painting in the CATALOG of WorldArtDubai' 2015